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About us

In 2002 it was finally time for Kjell and Peter to start up a club of their own and 2002-05-09 the club WuZuQuan Lund started.

In 2004 Kjell traveled for the first time to Kuala Lumpur together with Master Ho to start learning from different seniors in Malaysia as well. Since then Kjell has travelled on a regular basis to Malaysia to train, exchange ideas and to learn more about WuZuQuan. It was during one of does visits Kjell met Master Kim Han for the first time.

During the years that followed Kjell stayed in contact with Master Kim Han and learned even more about WuZuQuan by studying his books.

So since 2004 Kjell has been taught by many different seniors and spent a lot of hard training to develop a deeper understanding about WuZuQuan.



After Kjell had a few years break from teaching (because of small kids and work) and only focused on his own training Kjell and Peter started to plan to take up teaching together again. They discussed their plans with Master Kim Han in general to get some advice on how to spread the art of WuZuQuan.

A year later (2019) Master Kim Han offered to support Kjell and Peter and coach their effort to spread WuZuQuan in Sweden and Denmark which Kjell and Peter accepted.

As from year 2020 the club WuZuQuan in Lund is now open for students and with Kjell and Peter as main instructors.


Our history

Today in Quanzhou, it is accepted historical fact that WuZuQuan was created in the Shaolin Monastery itself. The central ideas of each of the five ancestors were combined to create WuZuQuan. The five systems are:

Da Mo (Bodhidharma) 達摩
Meditation and breathing techniques are utilised for the development of Qi (pronounced ‘Chee’. This is the body’s in¬trinsic energy, and is literally ‘the stuff of life’). These exercises also lead to the development of hand skills.

Luo Han (The 18 Immortals) 羅漢
Luo Han techniques are based on dynamic body movements developing correct body posture and alignment.

Tai Zu (The Grand Ancestor) 太祖
Tai – a very famous and skilled Martial Arts practitioner whose techniques employed tremendous power & accuracy. Every action from the system he created was executed proportionately and with the minimum of wasted effort.

Bai He (White Crane) 白鶴

White crane defends itself using unpredictable and tricky movements. The finger and hand techniques of Shaolin Five Ancestors owe much to the white crane’s techniques.

Xing Zhe (Monkey) 行者
The Monkey uses the relaxed wrist and hand for blocking and striking. The agility of the Monkey, dodging and evading attacks provides the basis for Shaolin Five Ancestor’s stepping, allowing smooth yet speedy movement in and out of the opponent’s fighting range.

Shaolin Five Ancestors is a Martial Art which relies not merely on physical strength, but on precise and well-defined movements which are only fully effective when executed in a relaxed and efficient manner.

The legendary figure in Chinese Martial Arts Xuannu 玄女 Referred to as ‘The Lady in the Green Dress’ adds refinement to the systems mentioned above and epitomizes the virtue of humility and soft flowing techniques.

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If you want to start training or you have any questions, you are welcome to get in touch with us. Use the contact form or email directly to info@wuzuquan.se.

We are looking forward to hear from you!