WuZu­Quan Sweden

A complete workout for both

Mind and Body

WuZuQuan in Lund is now open for students and with Kjell and Peter as main instructors.

As a student in our WuZuQuan Club, you can expect to develop both physically, mentally and as a person. We always strive to create a warm and fun atmosphere in our club. Humility and Endurance is always in focus.

Meet our coaches.

Are you older than 13?

Would you like to try something new?

Anyone ages 13 and up are invited to Wuzuquan Sweden for a free week of sessions. Are you younger than 13? Then you are welcome to train with a parent. We meet Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays at 18:00.

The sessions are taught at a level that are appropriate for the students present that day. Meaning anyone can join – even if you have never tried any martial arts before – or if you are somewhat of a high level practitioner your self.

Come join us for a great workout for both body and mind. And if you like it after your first sessions the cost for a whole season is really a steal – 900 sek. Have we mentioned that our coaches are world class!

Are we done convincing you? Drop us a line at info@wuzuquan.se

We’re looking forward to seeing you in our club!